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2 Tools to Use When Working on Brand Colors

Have you ever heard of color theory?

Have you seen a business sign and felt emotions based on the colors you see? One of the most important decisions you can make for your business is to pick colors that tell your brand's story powerfully and effectively. Your key audience should be able to see your social media, website, and branding and feel certain emotions based on your brand's goals and personality. Let's look at color theory and what two tools I recommend when working on your brand colors.

Color theory is based on the psychology of how colors affect humans.

Colors affect our purchasing decisions and our emotional responses to everything around us. Designers use color theory when working on brand design to ensure the right message is sent to the public. If you're running a business based on relaxation and calmness, you're more likely to use brand colors that evoke a sense of serenity and calmness with your key audience. If you're starting a business with a vision of empowering your clients or customers, you may choose a bold color like red or purple. Researching and knowing what colors affect your audience is a great place to start when envisioning your brand.

2 Tools to Use When Working on Brand Colors

My favorite way to get comfortable with colors is to utilize two tools.

The first one is Pinterest. I cannot tell you how important it is to make a mood board. When making your mood board, choose images and color palettes that make you feel how you want your key audience and potential clients to feel. It doesn't just have to be photos of color swatches; it can be any image or vision that evokes your desired emotion. Don't forget to add textures and shapes that also fill you with your desired feeling. A mood board is an excellent way for your designer or yourself to reflect back on to get to know what vibes speak most to you.

The second tool for beginners is the website This is a fun website to go through hundreds of color choices to see how they look together. You can perfect your palettes and hone in on your favorite shades. Honestly, sometimes, I love putting together palettes based on my mood of the day. It can be fun and relaxing to see how different colors complement each other. This is a great tool to ensure your color choices are complimentary and user accessible. Remember, accessibility is a huge factor in successful SEO for Google and other search engines.

Let's look at color theory and what two tools I recommend when working on your brand colors.

Whether choosing your brand colors or working with a designer to help you, it's important to understand why colors are influential. There are so many moving parts to telling your story successfully through your brand. Your logo matters as much as the colors you use to support your brand. Make sure everything flows together to tell the story that you want to tell. Are you ready to dive into a rebrand or a brand refresh with us? Hit us a line through our Contact Me page, and let's make sure you're on the right track for your storytelling!

Until Next Time,

Rebecca Kochanek | Savvy Morris Marketing Copywriter, Blogger, and SEO Strategist

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