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3 Things Your Website Homepage NEEDS to Have!

Hey friends! Somehow, we blinked, and we’re already working our way through May. The team behind Savvy Morris Marketing has been so hard at work leveling up a ton of incredible brands while killing it at life stuff. Running a business and running a family is a lot to balance sometimes! That said, we’re so thankful for our clients who have trusted us with their visions. Now, let’s get back to business… 

Let’s talk about 3 things your website homepage needs. Don’t panic, but you have about 3 seconds to get a website visitor’s attention. On average, people will spend less than 15 seconds on your homepage. If someone spends over 30 seconds on your homepage, they will likely stay and look around your site more. That’s a lot of pressure to get it right. First impressions are literally everything when it comes to your business website. 

Your website homepage needs headline copy, a call to action, and photos
Rebecca Kochanek, Copywriter

With that in mind, we want to discuss a couple of must-have elements on your homepage to ensure you give visitors everything they need. Your homepage should be serving main character energy! For instance, take a look at the homepage of our recent client, Total Taekwondo & Fitness, which effectively incorporates these elements to send a well-rounded message. 


Your headline is the copy that invites your audience to dive deeper into who you are. It is your chance to show off your personality, mission, and overall brand. A strong headline is a must have to get people interested and excited about what you offer as a business. The subheadline and paragraphs to follow should support your headline and be an easy and fast way for visitors to see what you’re all about. 

Psst… this is why hiring a good copywriter is important so that we can get that information out in a cohesive and fast way to grab yo\ur audience’s attention! 

Call to Action

Your audience should be able to figure out the next step for them quickly. Easy to find buttons that lead to a booking link or contact page are a great way to get people to stay on your website and navigate the flow of your site. These buttons and call to action(s) should reflect the goals you have for your website. We’ll talk more about website goals in another post soon. By having a clear call to action, your audience isn’t left wondering why they are there. You’re giving them the roadmap of what is expected out of them. 

A good designer understands call to action placement and will make sure it is accessible to your audience. 


People are visual. We like to know and understand the story being told. By seeing good-quality photos, we can envision ourselves using the service or product being offered to us. Photos that reflect the target audience are even better because they show the audience people who connect and resonate with them. Good photos are a great way to support the brand by adding another element to support the connection with the audience. 

Your website homepage should be a well thought out combination of accessible design, which ensures your site is easy to navigate and understand, a fun brand, which reflects your brand's personality and values, and well articulated copy, which effectively communicates your brand's message. The placement of all of these elements matters so that you are using your time in the most optimized way. 

Is your website homepage missing the mark on bringing the main character energy? Schedule a consultation with Savvy Morris Marketing to level up your game. 

Until Next Time,

Rebecca Kochanek | Copywriter & Blogger

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