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5 Reasons AI Shouldn't Replace a Copywriter

Let's take a deep breath and dive into the fun topic of AI! AI has become increasingly trendy and has given a lot of people a sense of confidence in writing and designing. The hard truth is that AI shouldn't be used as a replacement for people's creative crafts. Of course, it can be beneficial for brainstorming, but it should not be used to take the place of a person, especially for your business. There are countless reasons why you should stay far, far away from AI writing, but here are 5 reasons AI shouldn't replace a copywriter. 

  1. AI doesn't have industry knowledge. 

Of course, there is a huge database of information, but it cannot fill in the gaps in industry knowledge and expertise. This makes copy come off as incomplete, inexperienced, and generic. Potential clients are coming to your website to learn about your craft and get to know you. AI writing makes communicating difficult because it doesn't know your knowledge and specific skill set. You do. 

A copywriter will ask you to lead the way for your copy because you are the expert in the field. Writers are here to elevate your voice while making sure that your personality and knowledge take center stage, as they should. A good writer will collaborate with you to make sure that you have specialized copy that matches where you are in your business. 

2. AI lacks human connection. 

This is one of the biggest downfalls of using AI for writing. Connecting with current and potential clients is one of the most important communication aspects when selling a product or service. People want to feel valued and important. Did you know most sales happen when a business can reach people's emotional subconscious minds? 

A copywriter is here to use language that fits your brand and personal values. As a human, a writer can write with more emotion that cultivates a deep connection with readers because we are designed to do that. Technology can never replace the value of emotions and connection! 

why AI shouldn't replace a copywriter
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3. AI can't reproduce your brand voice. 

Along the same lines as human connection, your brand voice should be authentic, creative, and aligned with who you are. When you use AI to write for your business, the words come from the same database as everyone else who searched the same guidelines. This means a lot of the generated copy is very similar to everyone else. Your personality doesn't have a chance to shine through. 

Copywriters use personal expertise to amplify your brand voice. Writers listen to you and become a bridge between you and your key audience. Good copywriters use words specific to your craft and personality to help you be well-rounded in your website copy and other platforms. 

4. AI doesn't collaborate with you. 

AI is here to do what it tells you to. This means you may not understand why it's giving you words and data. AI can't discuss why copy is or isn't working for you. It doesn't have the capacity to create and learn with you. AI isn't capable of being challenged with reasoning and coming up with different solutions that align better with you. 

A copywriter is here to collaborate because they understand you are the expert. They are available to have conversations so you, as a business owner, feel heard in what's important to you while providing reasoning for making decisions. The relationship aspect is crucial to safely offer feedback and constructive criticism so both professionals feel valued. 

5. AI is unable to work with design strategically. 

When working on a website, design is just as important as copy. AI is unable to cultivate copy that fits the designated space. AI may miss the mark of tying together your personality, brand voice, and action calls. Writing is about strategically working with the flow and design to ensure the message is visually and written cohesively. 

A copywriter's job is to ensure that the strategy is implemented successfully. Intense research and teamwork go into making sure all of the components of a website are aligned. This intensive process takes a human mind to fully carry out from start to finish. 

In conclusion, AI is hurting your business. It's taking away your originality and authentic personality. It's pretty easy to spot writing written by ChatGPT, and the information is being curated from the same database, so it is obviously very recycled. Invest in a copywriter because they genuinely want to work with you to create meaningful relationships with potential clients. 

Are you ready to refresh your copy and brand? Drop a line here to schedule a consult to see how we can level up your voice. 

Talk to you soon, 

Rebecca Kochanek | blogger

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