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A Huge Thank You to Austin and Shilo Creative

Can we all agree that the Savvy Morris Marketing rebrand is an absolute dream? Justice and I couldn't be happier with the mood and vibes we have created. We both feel we are in our soft edge era, and we nailed that. Along with our business rebrand, I wanted to thank our incredible photography team, who took our branding photos. Let's give a huge thank you to Austin and Shilo Creative! They're based in Dayton, Ohio, and wonderful in every way!

They are a husband and wife team who are the most down to earth humans. Working with them for our rebrand project was one of the best experiences, and they deserve endless praise. Shilo and Austin encouraged us to step outside our comfort zone, get silly, and embrace everything we wanted for our brand. We got to break out our green pants, snakeskin shoes, and orange blazers!

They are so incredible to work with on a professional level and embody what Savvy Morris Marketing values the most. They are an incredible example of work-life balance by being actively involved as a family and owning a business. They are parents and prioritize their kids' needs while providing ample services to their clients. For our shoot, we had their sweet baby girl hanging out with us, and as a mom myself, I felt so at home in their studio. Not once did I feel like having the baby there took away from our experience.

This is what I mean when I say I want to see more businesses redefine the term "girl boss." It is so refreshing to slowly see business culture shift to lead with more empathy and space to exist as a whole being. We can all create incredible things and provide quality services without sacrificing other parts of ourselves. We need to learn the art of balance and asking for what we need.

Anyway, I say all that to show you some of our favorite images from our shoot! You'll see them around our social media, but they are too good not to share here. Thanks again, Austin and Shilo, for being the best photography team and terrific friends.


Rebecca Kochanek | Savvy Morris Marketing Copywriter, Blogger, and SEO Strategist

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