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Thank You for a Successful 2023 Black Friday Sale!!

Wow! We are absolutely blown away by the success of our 2023 Black Friday Sale. We just want to thank every single person who has made this Black Friday sale such a success this year by completely selling out our limited spots. Our team wants to take a moment to celebrate our growth and what made it possible for us to sell out!

Last year, Savvy Morris Marketing had no bookings during our Black Friday Sale. Justice was still finding her footing and figuring out her strength in her brand. 2023 brought many productive changes that changed Savvy Morris Marketing from the inside out! This year, we brought on Rebecca (hi, that’s me!). Adding a writer to our team has allowed us to expand our packages and elevate our experience in every way. Together, we are able to blend our strengths to connect with our clients in new ways. We have built an incredible foundation of understanding that communication is a visual and written collaboration.

2023 Black Friday Sale
Austin & Shilo Creative

2023 was the year of revision and refinement. We have spent a long time working on a process that is top-tier in professionalism, authenticity, and realistic expectations. We have worked hard to perfect our customer service experience as a team. We faced hard moments and had in-depth conversations about what wasn’t working and how to move forward productively.

We had a sold-out sale this year because our values and vision are transparent. We went through a massive rebrand that better reflects who we are as a team! We aren’t afraid of the growing pains and adapted to the current needs of Savvy Morris Marketing. We genuinely love the relationships we have the privilege of building with our clients. Our confidence and passion show in how we show up for our clients. Our woman-owned business has worked together to be a safe space for clients to be themselves.

In an era of fighting algorithms, AI, and lack of personality, we are here to say that you are worth investing in. Who you are in your business is just as important as your business. We hope you feel encouraged in every interaction with Savvy Morris Marketing. We are here to not only elevate your brand but be your hype team, too.

Black Friday
Austin & Shilo Creative

We can’t wait to get these new websites out into the world to set you up for more enriched client relationships with your clients. We are thrilled to see the growth coming from your leap of faith in investing in yourself. You deserve this.

Our team is excited to finish 2023 strong and continue working hard to be the best team we can be! Thank you for being a part of one of the best moments for Savvy Morris Marketing this year; we appreciate you so much for supporting our small business.

Want to learn more about working with us? Contact us here.

Until Next Time,

Rebecca Kochanek | Copywriter, Blogger, and SEO Strategist

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