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How to Make a 2024 Vision Board

Hello friends!

Remember when we discussed why making a 2024 vision board is a good idea for your business? I promised I would come back and tell you how to make one! I was actually talking to my husband about vision boards, and he gave me a brilliant idea to talk about. I bought my first magazine for my own personal 2024 board and joked with my husband that it felt silly to spend $20 on a magazine just to cut it up. He said, "Why? You will probably look at it more when it's cut up in a way that inspires you than if you kept it in its perfect form". Well, he isn't wrong!

Usually, traditional vision boards are created on large poster boards and hung where you can see them daily. My husband said he had vision board notebooks when he was in college. He bought a good quality notebook and taped his art inspiration throughout his notebook! I thought this idea was such a cool way to hold accountability throughout the year. By continuing to work on the notebook, you can constantly stay grounded in your goals, and it's a good way to check in with yourself frequently. He said it's essentially a visual journal. I love the idea of keeping up with my goals. It is more work, so I understand if that's not for you. However, if you're up for the challenge, grab a Moleskin notebook from Target and keep up on your crafting as you feel inspired.

If the notebook idea isn't your jam, let's look at a couple of different options.

2024 Vision Board
Unsplash | Mauricio Santos

You can do the traditional board. Grab a poster board from the dollar store, pick out your magazines from a bookstore or thrift store, and get your scissors and glue sticks out to assemble your board. Put together your collage in any way that suits your fancy. This is your vision, so there are no rules! Have all of the fun that your heart desires. Some people love having a paper copy of their creations (I am one of those people!). If you prefer a more digital approach to things, keep reading!

Another idea is to create your 2024 vision board virtually! Canva has free vision board templates. This is great, especially if you don't want to spend money on supplies. You can search Pinterest and other inspirational places like for your vision board. The pro to doing a virtual board is that you can change it if your goals shift. It's a cheaper alternative. You can take it with you everywhere. You can put it on your phone's home screen and view your board from anywhere.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to create a vision board. It heavily depends on your style and how you feel most connected to your goals and creativity. I personally love being creative, crafty, and a little chaotic. Some people may view their vision board as practical and use it to stay organized. None of these ways are bad!

The ultimate goal of a vision board focused on your business is to connect with yourself as a business owner. You get to make the rules and break them, too. 2024 is going to be a great year; I'm feeling it! I hope our small business owners are taking time to rest, plan, and go into the new year with a clear vision. Don't worry if you're feeling unsure of yourself at this moment; keep affirming that you can do this! You are an expert, and you and your business deserve to take up space.

Until Next Time,

Rebecca Kochanek | Copywriter, Blogger, & SEO Strategist

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