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You Decided to Add a Blog, Now What?!

Hey there!

Now that we've let you in on a big secret that a blog is an easy way to drive traffic to your website, you're probably thinking, what is the next step? Some questions you may have may be revolving around what do you write for a blog. What kind of content is important? What if I am not a good writer? How much commitment is a blog? What if I am too busy to write anything? I want to add a blog; now what? Let's work through some of these barriers and get you set up for success to meet your business goals with a blog!

First, it is better to put out consistent content for your blog, but it is not entirely necessary.

Any solid effort that you put into your blog will be enough for the season that you're in. It's completely unreasonable to expect yourself to add another full-time task to your busy schedule as a business owner. As long as you're being intentional about what you're writing, the effort is still good.

If you simply cannot fit any writing into your schedule, outsource the writing. I'm going to add my shameless plug that Savvy Morris Marketing offers blog services. I have written blogs for multiple industries. Reach out via our Contact Me page if you're ready to discuss blogging services with Rebecca!

You Decided to Add a Blog, Now What?!
Shilo & Austin Creative

Anyway, my philosophy for blogging is to write about what's relevant to your key audience.

If you're seeing a consistent problem among your audience, write blog articles to give them guidance and tips. Use your blog to communicate directly to your key audience that you can solve their problems. You can also choose to get a little personal and share things that are important to you. Let your audience get to know your business, who you are, and what makes your brand special. There is so much value in mixing and matching professional advice and personal touches that show your personality. What matters is that you're using proper language and keywords that flow with the rest of your site.

Next, let's talk about your fears of not being a good writer.

Truthfully, you are your biggest critic. Blogs are my favorite form of content because they don't need to be too formal. Write like you're talking to a friend (who is your key audience). Don't overcomplicate the language, and use your blog to truly be yourself. Again, if the task is too daunting, it's okay to outsource it! Even getting 1-3 blogs up a month is a huge accomplishment and is still driving people to spend time on your website because you are offering value. The first few blogs that you write probably won't be your best. It's a learned skill, and that is perfectly okay. Like I said earlier, the effort matters most.

Basically, my advice is to simply go for it.

Make a plan. My approach to blogging is to make a spreadsheet with every topic idea that comes to mind. I have spreadsheets of 20-50 topics that range from everything in my business field to personal things I want to share. When I sit down to write, I write what excites me in the moment. Write blogs that bring you happiness, or it will stress you out, and you won't get anywhere productive. Your blogs reflect who you are, and it's okay to embrace wherever you are in your business journey. Whether you outsource your writing or tackle the task yourself, you are still adding immense value to your website. I'm proud of you for taking the leap!

Until Next Time,

Rebecca Kochanek | Savvy Morris Marketing Copywriter & Blogger

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