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You Need a Blog on Your Website

It’s surprising how many people don’t think they need a blog on their website. Did you know you are missing out on one of the most low-maintenance ways to drive traffic to your site by not having a blog on your website? Blogs are one of the easiest ways to build credibility for your field and to pack meaningful keywords onto your site seamlessly. I can’t believe I just spilled my biggest secret as a copywriter and blogger. When I tell you it’s that easy, I mean it.

Remember, a big part of SEO (Search engine optimization) is Google and other search engine’s ability to find content on your website that is relevant to your audience. Having a blog on your website gives search engines a better chance at connecting you to your key audience by having various content to crawl. Even better, the type of content you decide to put out is full of endless possibilities. You get to make the rules about your blog. We’ll talk more about this in another post.

You Need a Blog on Your Website
Photo By: Sincerely Media (Unsplash)

Website content plays a major role in SEO because it is a roadmap for your audience to know exactly who you and your business are.

Search engines favor websites that create an optimized user experience. By having a blog on your website, you are providing meaningful conversations and relevant answers to relevant questions. Google does not like fake engagement or websites that lack content because there is a lack of connection to real people. An optimized website with original copy and meaningful content is the door to success because it proves to search engines that you have prioritized your users.

One of your business goals should be to get potential customers and clients to spend time on your website. A blog can achieve that.

By creating engaging blogs, you invite your audience to spend time on your site while gaining valuable insight, giving you a better chance of seeing a return on investment. Everyone wins this way! You get to put out badass content, and you get to make new friends along the way!

To recap, blogs are one of the easiest ways to start conversations and create lasting engagement with potential clients. You can showcase your personality, your clients can see your expertise, and you can jam-pack keywords into your posts without clogging up your website. As you’re creating your 2024 business strategy, I strongly encourage you to consider adding a blog to your website. Come back for some guides and tips to help you work through the beginning stages of starting a blog for yourself!

See Ya Next Time,

Rebecca Kochanek | Savvy Morris Marketing Copywriter & Blogger

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