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Redefining the term "Girl Boss"

Hustle culture. What is it? It’s the focus on productivity and success without holding space for self-care, rest, or work-life balance. We’re living in an era where women have seen increased expectations to sacrifice their identities, family roles, and hobbies to make it to the top as a career women. Those who don’t give 100% of themselves 100% of the time are often seen as weak or less valuable. As soon as a woman feels burnt out, she is deemed weak or unable to keep up in a fast-paced work environment.

That’s not okay. We live in a time when families are constantly choosing to have families or careers because having both feels completely unsustainable. We’re being told that we can’t be moms or have meaningful, slow hobbies if we want to succeed.

These arbitrary expectations are ruining us, and it doesn’t need to be like that.

Savvy Morris Marketing was created with the goal of breaking free from rigid expectations of being a “girl boss.” We believe we can succeed while remaining true to who we are.

Two business partners defining girl boss
Photo by @A_S Creative

We want other women and people to see us work hard and do our work well while owning our identities outside our computers. We have responsibilities, emotions, roles, and needs that deserve to be nurtured. Nothing is better than having a safe space to nurture ourselves while showing the world we can do incredible work.

Our idea of being a “girl boss” is setting boundaries and knowing our limits as a business. We spend time ensuring we are educated and ready to optimize efficiency when working with clients to hold space for our lives, too. We prioritize deadlines that are sustainable to us while showing value to the business owners we work with.

We believe in redefining the term “girl boss” by remaining confident in our abilities while sticking to boundaries to protect our peace. It’s built on the understanding that life happens when we need extra support, time, or resources; we are humble enough to ask for it. We know that we can’t always be on, and we are comfortable with that.

Copywriter and web designer being a girl boss
Photo by: @A_S Creative

Being comfortable with being unable to do it all 100% of the time allows us to do our best work. In my opinion, our definition of “girl boss” beats the expectations put on women tenfold. To value ourselves and be valued by others is the best feeling in the world.

We’re here to remind you that you can be a business owner, work a job you love, and enjoy life outside your career. You’re allowed to have and be whoever you want, and we are here to cheer you on!


-Rebecca Kochanek | Savvy Morris Marketing Copywriter & Blogger

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