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Why Knowing Your Key Audience Needs to Be a Top Priority

You’ve decided to jump into starting a business! That is so exciting, and I know you will do great things. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with where to start, which is entirely valid. I’m going to let you in on a big secret. The key to a strong foundation for creating a successful business is research… lots of research. Once you decide what services or products to offer, you must decide who you want to sell to. These people are called your key audience, also called your target audience. A key audience is the ideal group of people you want to use your services. The more you understand your key audience, the more effective your marketing and outreach can be. Let’s look at why knowing your key audience needs to be a top priority.

There are tons of people in the world, and they all have needs and priorities. To add to the complexity, different people want to have their needs met in different ways. Some people prioritize a luxury solution, and some love convenience and ease. The hardest pill to swallow is fully understanding and being comfortable that your product or service will not be for everyone. You don’t need to reach the biggest group of people to succeed. You just need to be really awesome at reaching the intended audience, no matter the niche or size.

The research involved in knowing your key audience is an intensive process. You need to know their demographic as deeply as possible. This means knowing their age range, social habits, hobbies, overall interests, salary range, and everything else that makes them who they are as people in society.

How do you get to know all of these details to find your key audience?

Well, you have options! You can start with the basic demographic research on Google. Make notes and documents. Going from there, utilize your social media to the fullest potential. Pay attention to who your key audience is following and engaging with. When your key audience comments on your posts or responds to your stories, note their language. The best way to communicate and market to your target audience is quite literally to speak their language. As you build a following and tune in on your audience, use email marketing or social media polls to narrow your language to best connect with your key audience.

Getting to know your key audience
Photo by: Allec Gomes

Going from there, you have the knowledge and power to fine-tune your language on your website and social media to reach your audience. You should know them so well that speaking and writing should become easy because you see what sticks best with your potential clients. The language you use matters because it means you’re taking the time to get to know and build trust with potential clients. Your marketing efforts can become effective and easy because you laid a strong foundation for the relationship aspect of running a business.

Communication is an art that requires a deep understanding of comprehension. Just because you know how to say something well doesn’t mean it will land correctly with your key audience. You have to reframe your business language to meet the needs of your audience in order to be successful in tapping into that market.

Be on the lookout for more communication tips and secrets of connecting your visual presentation to what you’re saying. We can’t wait to help you thrive in your business!


Rebecca Kochanek | Copywriter & SEO Specialist

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